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Pick a fandom, pick a pairing

Fic journal: likebrightness

I have realized that I now watch/have watched in the past too much television.
Also, I have become too accustomed to writing/reading/hearing about pairings that a.) don't exist and/or b.) could never exist due to sexual orientations.
I tell you this, flist, because I am trying to be inspired. At the moment, it seems I have shoved all of my inspiration into my short story for school, and alas, a blank paper to distract me in class remains simply a blank paper with no distractions.
Thus, I made a list last class. I figured I would let my flist decide what I should write/be inspired by in general, and specifically for smut_tuesdays and fluff_friday.
So. I wrote down all the fandoms and all the pairings I could think of that I would be willing to write. I figured I would post them and allow people to pick. Pick a pairing and give me a prompt, or specify smut or fluff. For instance: "Sloane/Callie. Smut." or "Michael/Holly. Fluff." or "Pairing. Prompt." Deal? Deal.

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Wow. That's a lot, right? Right.
Anyway, flist, please pick as many as you want. Also, if a fandom is up here but a pairing is not and you still really want to read that, feel free to suggest it and I will do my best. If a fandom is not up here but you know I write it/have seen/read it, feel free to suggest and again I will do my best.

Also flist, I love you.

Jun. 22nd, 2011

This weather’s got me writing poetry again

; because it’s making me think of you.

I like your storms
splattering raindrops and
thunder that cracks open the sky
but I want to be with you on your grey days.
I’ll laugh with your sunshine
and swordfight your lightning,
but I want to be with you on your grey days
; when nothing much is happening—
except your eyes are clouded over.

I can’t stop comparing you to weather
which sounds ridiculous,
except for the way your personality is like the wind
I can feel it
I can feel it
I can feel it
but I never seem to be able to catch it,
or do it justice with my words.

It sounds ridiculous
except for how you’re a forecast for my day.
When your eyes reflect
bright blue sky and fluffy cumulus clouds,
I don’t remember how to frown;
and when your storms rage
I know to stand strong against the wind.

on your grey days
as much as I’ll want to persuade that sunshine smile
to come out to play,
I’ll sit quietly with you if you want,
and let you be nostalgic,
in that way that
        always makes you sad
     but never makes you cry.
like how mist isn’t quite rain.

a kiss with a fist is better than none

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I am not one of those people who is all "Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, even more than Christmas!", not because I am greedy and like presents (well, not just because of that), but because Christmas we do stuff more with family friends than strictly family. And I like that more.

But still.


Last Thanksgiving was, admittedly, pretty cool. We took over Thad's house in Africa and made chicken (alas, no turkey) and sweet potato casserole and mashed potatoes and green beans and roasted vegetables and apple pie and it was really kind of awesome. But it wasn't AMERICAN THANKSGIVING. At this time, like during the Olympics, I am a bit my country, right or wrong. I understand that this is a gluttonous holiday and I understand some of the beefs people have with it. BUT I DON'T CARE. I FUCKING LOVE THANKSGIVING.

Phew. Now that that's off my chest: I am home. It is lovely. I flew into Chicago Monday night and met up with Other Sister and we drove back Tuesday afternoon. I've been lazing around with the fam watching Jeopardy at night, which might sound lame but is kind of awesome. We have a French exchange student named Arnaud who is mostly adorable. He is 16 and madly in love with Younger Other Sister who is kind of in love with him back and it is cute. So I have been entertaining him. And about 6 other French boys who came over with him and are staying with various other families came over today. We went for a long (FREEZING) walk in the woods which was super fun. And just lazed around with them and Other Family and it was great.

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Also, you guys, I am getting glasses. GLASSES. I am so excited. I'm a bit near-sighted, it turns out. And it's not a huge deal but sometimes I have trouble reading things on the board if they are not written in black marker. I also probably would have trouble driving at night, except I never drive at night, so it's not really a problem. But anyway, GLASSES. I am SO. EXCITED. I've always wanted glasses. I look CUTE in glasses (modest!Me). I steal Texas's all the time and stole my girl's once, and they helped so much that it convinced me to get my eyes tested and I did and now I'm getting glasses! I won't have them until I get home for Christmas, but I am super excited.

ALSO. I sent my proposal to the safari company to go back and write a book on them. Did I tell you guys I was doing that? Well, I am. Trying to anyway. To go back to Africa after I graduate and work for the company in exchange for room, board (aka a tent and not having to scavenge the bush for my food), and access to them. And I will write a book. YES PLEASE.

Tomorrow, let me say again, is THANKSGIVING. I am excited. Saturday I get my hair cut!

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I live a pretty good life!

ETA: Other Sister made me come out last night almost immediately after I posted this and I had a great time and saw the IOM and we're doing lunch Saturday and I live an even better life than I thought!


Dear Yuletide Author,

I will be suuuuuuuuper excited about anything you write. Thank you so much for doing this.

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You are the best best best ever.

that girl shaped love drug

1.) I've been reading Hyperbole and a Half. You guys. You can't even understand how wonderful it is. And how it kind of makes me feel like I could survive as a writer, even though it's not actually anything like anything I'd be doing at all. It's just that she likes to write and draw and she does. And also she is hilarious.

2.) It is getting cold here. And rainy. Gross.

3.) I've failed already at NaNo. Probably because I forgot I was thinking about doing it until the day before. And now I'm being lazy.

4.) I'm rather enamored with someone.

I'm probably rebounding, but I liked her before I was single, so I feel that that's not it. Or at least not all of it. I haven't allowed the beginnings of a crush to occur in forever, so it's rather fun to have a "omgijustwanttohangoutwithyouforever" feeling. (Of course, there's also the "and if you wanted to kiss sometimes, in the forever time that we are hanging out, that would be nice too.)

I thought I upset her today, and was really upset myself, but then it turned out she was just having a bad day. I felt a little better, but not much, as I don't want her to have bad days. Ever. I want her to be the happiest.

5.) Volleyball is over. I was just a fan, but it was kind of an emotional end anyway. To have a close friend's senior season come to a close. I don't really know what I'm going to do with my Friday and Saturday nights anymore.

But it was fun, because I made signs for a ton of people--silly signs. "Meow" for Kat and Marge Simpson for a girl named Margaret and a play on Blue Diamond almonds for a girl whose family owns an almond farm/orchard/thing that sells to Blue Diamond. And the girls LOVED them. Like, took them home. I was very excited and glad to make people happy.

6.) Thanksgiving is soon. OMG YAY.
So The Boyfriend is not the boyfriend anymore.

I'm much more okay that I would have ever expected to be. I mean, it's not great or anything, but I'm having a surprisingly good week, in spite of it all.

This next week should be pretty good though--a good Halloween weekend (beginning with The Nightmare Before Christmas and Psycho! Two movies that maybe shouldn't go together :D ) and then we're flying out a job candidate for the Poli Sci position. I am the student liaison for the search committee, so I'm pretty involved. Lots of free food and fun talks with interesting people! I am excited.

Then November--and I think I'm doing NaNo again! Eek! Or something like it, anyway. I've got a lot on this one character, so I'm not starting from nothing, but I'm trying to make myself actually write all the scenes I have in my head for her. So, NaNo it is.

I'm also signed up for...well, a lot. Into a Bar and Pretty Lights and BSG_Kink's Kink Off and probably Yuletide, too. So there will be a lot of writing in my future.

Then THANKSGIVING! I am excited.

Ooh, and I forgot, Burn Notice comes back soon, too!
Internets. I have arrived to shamelessly ask for your love. It's been a rough day.

Apparently I just post once a month now...

1.) I love fall. I missed it so much when I was in Africa, and it is not the same in Oregon as it is in Michigan (seriously, Oregon, don't you understand that the leaves are all supposed to turn pretty colors?), but it is still FALL. I am excited. I walked home from school in a zigzag path, stepping on all the crunchy looking leaves. It was satisfying.

2.) School has been great, in a different sort of way. All I want to do anymore is write. And it's kind of all I am doing. So I take part in discussions in my other classes via reading spark notes (or common sense, in one of the classes), and do not do the reading. And then I read five thousand things for Fiction Writing and write a million pages and spend hours on Google Maps and Google Earth figuring out where my characters lived in NYC before the world ended (both in Queens, one in Kew Gardens, the other I can't decide which neighborhood). It's just kind of bad because I only want to learn things if they pertain to my writing, which, eventually, could be a lot of things, but currently is about New York City and guns and the end of the world (and, in another piece, Kansas and airplanes and the Air Force and strokes and Paris and espresso and cutting and Seattle).

3.) English Boy is not going to join the English Army, after all. At least not immediately. He is going to teach English in Palestine instead, which is a bit of a relief.

4.) I love Jim Croce.

5.) I am going to be Peach for Halloween! From Mario Kart! It basically just means I get to wear a big pink dress and a tiara! I am so excited. I do not think there will ever be a time that I don't want to dress up for Halloween.

6.) I'm trying to get the Old Spice Man to record a video for my anniversary with The Boyfriend. Any suggestions on how to get him to do it? I have tweeted at him and sent him a message on youtube and am off to find him on facebook. I feel like I should write him a real fan letter and send it--I think he lives in Portland even? Perhaps I could stalk him and deliver it personally, because that wouldn't be weird.

7.) Did I mention that I love fall?
School is wonderful.

Three classes (well, and sculling but that more counts as something I do in my spare time) is the way to go. Fiction Writing is lovely, even if my character REALLY wants me to write her at 16 and in Paris when she's actually 9 and in Kansas. Western Political Thought is good, mostly just because I love the professor. He always gets worked up and about halfway through class he takes off his jacket and it is adorable. Global Security is fine, nothing special. Lots of discussion, which is nice.

Tonight we are making FAT LEES. I AM SO EXCITED. I've invited way too many people, including people who don't even watch BSG but who I love enough that it is okay. Hill and R-squared and both of their boys will be here. Potentially Hunter but I'm guessing not 'cause he's lame. Oh boy, lots more people too, who I sort of casually invited. It started as a "like three of us will get together and to this" thing and I think there will be closer to 15 people. Oh well. :)

I miss home, but that happens. Especially since Best Friend didn't have her phone for a few days. I get so lonely without her. ♥ I think that's mostly the reason I've been annoyed with my roommates lately--the girls anyway. They're just a little obliviously exclusive and tend to think that if things aren't done their way, they're done wrong. Blegh.

It's September 11 and I remember what the day was like, way back when, but I try to think more about it being my parents' anniversary. They've been married 28 years and if that isn't one of the greatest things you've ever heard, I don't know what is.

I don't think of this as home

I'm back at school. Mostly enjoying it but rather unproductive. Though tonight I am having a dinner party with crab cakes and lemon risotto and it's going to be amazing.

Love my new room with the Boyfriend. It is bigger and prettier and has a better shower and less removed from the rest of the house, which is nice.

School starts on Monday. Can't wait for Fiction Writing and Sculling. Don't much care for my other two classes, which is a bit sad, as they are the only ones required for my major. I was so excited about Political Science for about a year and a half. Now I'm just getting through it, wishing I was writing.

I gotta be honest, guys, I was really frustrated with the lack of response to my last entry. I was having a really hard time and didn't have anyone to talk to, and so I was grateful to turn to my online community of friends. Except then there wasn't one.

Anyway, things are good here. Texas and I were awkward for about thirty minutes but then seemed to get over ourselves. Roommate Boy lives with us again, which is fun, except he has a lady friend, who I love but takes up so much time. I am so selfish about him. :P And while I've always loved Gill, another new roommate to the house, I am not as sure about it now that we're in close quarters so often. But this is silly--I'm complaining when really everything is fun. I've been spending a lot of time with Hill and also with Hunter. It's odd, having friends who you haven't known very long but you feel like you've known forever. Such is the case with the Tent Wife, too, who I saw a few days ago. Maybe it was being together constantly in Africa but we just...fit. It's nice.


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